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It’s Time to Make Social Media More Responsible

If that sounds like a lot, it’s nothing compared to the nine daily hours the average teenager devotes to social media. As a society we’re becoming more and more addicted to posting, tweeting, viewing, responding, opining, and sharing online—and what’s going to come of it all? The debate… Read More

5 Questions Marketers Should Ask Before Taking A Job In Tech

Not all jobs in marketing are the same. Industries tend to treat marketing roles quite differently. For example, it’s well known that in CPG, the CEOs largely come from the marketing function (often called brand management). And so marketers are trained to be general managers who view marketing… Read More

Twitter Briefly Tested a Feature Suggesting Who Users Should Unfollow

Twitter, which has been alternately scrambling around reassuring users it is working to address its well-known trolling problem and fumbling doingjust that, briefly tested a feature suggesting who users should unfollow. Per Slate, however, the intent behind the project does not appear to have been to get users… Read More

Motorola launches two notched Android One phones

Motorola has officially launched the One and the One Power, two new phones created for Google’s Android One program. While that doesn’t mean they’re created specifically for emerging markets — Android One initially focused on entry-level devices but evolved into a series of phones that gets updates from… Read More

Uber is building its own electric scooter

Uber has quietly begun building its own electric scooters, according to a report Thursday from Bloomberg Businessweek. Jump Bikes, which Uber acquired in April, is overseeing the project, reported Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in an interview published this week that the ride-hailing giant… Read More